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Table Manners

It should come as no surprise that when it comes to the holidays I go balls to the wall with decorating. While Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday to decorate for, I thoroughly enjoy the Fourth of July, Halloween and the fast approaching Thanksgiving as well. Last year my Mom and I decorated our dining room table at home in San Francisco with rustic pumpkins and pomegranates, richly colored bouquets and simple place cards attached to scrumptious clementines that worked as a perfect palette cleanser between our entrees and dessert (see below).

This Thanksgiving however, I want to get even more festive with my decorations. I’ve been saving a number of creative ideas to use as inspiration and already have a date set with my friend Claire to sit around my kitchen doing arts and crafts. From sparkly pumpkins and gilded acorns to foliage filled vases, this year’s dinner table is going to bring a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Last Year’s Decorations:

Inspiration for this Year:

Fabric Pumpkins [via] •

Golden Leaf Napkin Holders •

• Gilded Acorns – although shown as necklace charms here, I think they’d look fantastic spreckled around a white table cloth [via] •

• Glittery Pumpkins •

• Leafy Centerpieces •

photos via martha stewart, flickr, design sponge