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It’s All in the Wrist

I’ve been known to pile on the jewelry. There’s just something about building up that jumble of necklaces or rings over a period of time that always ends up looking so bohemian and chic! One summer I wore so many silver bracelets that my wrist ended up an entirely different color than the rest of my arm. While I should have learned my lesson, I have yet again begun to build up that collection of bracelets and bangles that not even in the shower. So, to further my jumble of bracelet inspiration, I’ve pulled together some beautifully accessorized wrists that are giving me some serious bracelet, cuff, bangle, and watch envy.

photos via & tumblr
  • Zeste de citron

    I love the last pic, jewelries are awesome !!

  • A.D.

    Ah…my passion. It takes a lot of discipline not to “overload” my wrist! Cheers

  • Mayflower

    The last two are some serious envy♥

  • Francesca

    love your blog!


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  • Allie

    PLEASE tell me where I can find the piece in the last picture? The turquoise bracelet/ring. I am dangerously obsessed.

    Che bella!

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  • Sonia

    Allie – I have a bracelet/ring very similar to the one in the last photo and I got it off ebay! Hope that helps!


  • Kelli Nicole

    Love these accessories!! Great post…

  • Kelli Nicole

    I especially love the gold square bangles!