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The Skinny Jeans Workout


We’ve all been there. That post-dryer moment when you stuff your cylindrical thigh into a pair of seemingly two-dimensional skinny jeans. You may have bought them years ago, but one tumble around the dryer and you’re not sure how the waistband that’s currently the size of one butt cheek will stretch to fit across both.

Many of us workout to fit into these narrow, constricting denim tubes. We have that goal size, that goal fit, that goal look, but the truth of the matter is that even when we hit said goals, the act of getting into a pair of skinny jeans is a workout in and of itself.

During a recent session with a trainer, I noticed that many of the exercises she was showing me were no different than the motions I practiced one day earlier while getting into a pair of freshly washed and dried ankle-skimming denim. Squats, lunges, kicks — they were all there. Had I just repeated each skinny jeans movement 1-2 times more,  I wouldn’t have needed a session with a trainer.

It is with this in mind that I present you with The Skinny Jean Workout — the exercise routine that’s already embedded into your schedule, you just didn’t know it. It may not be as popular or calorie burning as a spin at Soul Cycle, but it’s safe to assume that every grown woman, at some point in her life, has repurposed the grand pliés she learned in ballet class at the age of 5 to ensure that her skinny jeans sit properly and comfortably around her waist.

Now let’s get physical.









  • Cool Allure

    Thanks for the tip :)

  • Jane

    Haha you have me cracking up at this!

  • Margeaux

    This made me smile. So true!

  • Sonia

    Glad to know I’m not alone here ;)