How Roller Shutters Can Help Fire Regulations

Automatic fire roller shutters can be an essential part of the overall strategy of a building. With the combination of controlling fire such as smoke extraction systems, firewalls, and sprinklers; fire resisting roller shutters can help protect lives and property.

The primary role of fire shutters is to prevent fires from spreading rapidly. Fire shutters will allow people to evacuate people and limit the worth of the emergency services.

Here’s How They Work

Simple static barriers are permanently visible in one fixed place, such as glass partitions and firewalls, whereas a fire shutter will only move in its operational position in the event of a fire. Fire roller shutters are wired into the building’s fire detection system and automatically close from the signal of a fire alarm. Additionally, a fire shutter may have its own smoke or heat detector.

Modern fire shutters close at a controlled speed, while some may have still gravity under their own weight. In fact, fire shutters are now made possible to initially deploy a pre-determined safe height due to the Fire Detection Interface (FDI). This works as a smoke barrier which closes after the pre-determined time. The FDI panel can also work as an acoustic and visual alarm.

Determine the Right Fire Roller Shutter

It is important to determine the right fire-rated product because the lives and property inside may depend on it. For automatic fire shutters, the product must be thoroughly tested for absolute fire integrity and resistance.

Another thing to consider is the shutter as it must close into its fire operational position when needed, as the primary power source may fail or have faults in the build’s fire detection system. Fire Strategies are meant to help safeguard lives as well as the building itself and the equipment contained. It is essential to compartmentalizing a building by preventing fires from spreading rapidly.

Importance of Correct Installation

Fire roller shutters are meant to play a vital role in controlling fire spread. If a fire shutter is not correctly installed, it will not perform at its fullest potential. The best way to ensure proper fit it so choose a specialist installer.

Fire roller shutters can double as extra security. It is the best way to provide protection and security and be used with a single roller shutter.