At The Not Vanilla, we manufacture, repair, maintain and service an extensive range of Roller Doors.

Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid Roll Doors are best suited for controlled environments that will allow quick access while maintaining environmental requirements. We can develop automate features to allow controlled access by automatic sensors that are triggered by approaching vehicles, etc.

Roller Grills

Roller Grills are built to maintain industrial security with grills and poly-carb shutters. They are used to provide security with high visibility and constant airflow for after hours.

Industrial Roller Doors

Industrial Roller Doors are suitable for low and high frequency cycles and harsh weather conditions. They are tailor made to suit the size you need. The light industrial roller doors are well-suited for small openings with a low to moderate frequency opening cycle. This means they provide both strength and security with a continuous curtain. They are easily installed with low-noise operations.

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Fire shutters are manufactured to suit the openings of a maximum of 7m x 7m openings. Our fire shutters come complete with pre-wired controlled decent motors and an auto reset release mechanism to activate the fire alarm signal.

We also offer additions to fire-rated roller shutters:

  • Fire control panels
  • Repeater panels
  • Smoke heads
  • Heat detectors
  • Polyester powder coating paint finish

Premium Insulated Double Doors

The premium insulated double doors are manufactured to suit the face fix. Insulated roller garage doors come with a high-quality manufactured remote control system with a bottom rail safety edge. The control unit also offers an anti-entrapment with built-in courtesy light.


  • 77 mm x 18 mm thick foam aluminum slats
  • Anti-drop safety brake
  • Bottom rail safety edge
  • Quality remote control with rolling code technology
  • Separate buttons fitted on the remote control box
  • Auto-lock system with anti-lift geometry locking straps
  • Low-maintenance finish
  • 12 months warranty